Sunday, 21 September 2014

The life path of Patricia Susilo

Having been born to a successful business man father, life could have been easy for Patricia, had she chosen to just enjoy the life instead of working hard for her own designed life. Her sensible father made her realize about working hard to build up one’s own life the way they wanted.

Sparked by her father’s motivation and enthusiasm, Patricia Susilo began working for her life as soon as possible for her at just the age of 13 as a cashier for her uncle. But her real passion was with business and entrepreneurship. So as soon as she finished her university degree, Patricia Susilo joined for a corporate role full time at a reputed firm. She gained a lot of experience while working there and this experience brought her farther in into the business world.

Her timely hard work and sincere dedication made Patricia Mirawati Susilo like a rare diamond that goes through a lot of pressure. All this made her what she is today and shall continue to help her in the future.